The "Sighted Nozzle" by KEG

Sighted Nozzle for pipe diameters from 300 mm

"Sighted Nozzle" for pipe diameters from 300 mm

KEG developed a TV camera system enabling cleaning with simultaneous TV inspection. A TV camera has been mounted on top of a sewer cleaning nozzle. Images are transferred between sender and receiver by means of radio transmission - completely wireless. The current situation in front and behind the camera can be monitored via two transmission channels. The camera can be easily adjusted to different pipe diameters and water levels. The "Sighted Nozzle" also boasts a turbine-generator unit for internal power generation. This allows for an unlimited operation time. 

Advantages of the "Sighted Nozzle" at a glance:

  • continuous monitoring of the cleaning process with simultaneous video recording
    - no cable - no mechanics - no problems
  • supplies images also in slippery pipes, where conventional cameras encounter problems
  • proof of the proper condition of the pipe in terms of the Federal Self Control Regulations
    and the DIN EN 14654 Standards
  • early detection of damages allows for dramatic decrease of pipe maintenance cost and prevents
    further damages
"Sighted Nozzle" for pipe diameters from 150 mm

"Sighted Nozzle" for pipe diameters from 150 mm

With the technical status of tomorrow, the small Sighted Nozzle boasts the following:

  • cleaning nozzle with patented fluid mechanics by KEG
  • for pipe diameters from 150 mm
  • for pumps with a minimum flow velocity of 140 l/min
  • inspection of the pipe right during cleaning - completely wireless
  • access to video storage via WiFi

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