105 Floor Cleaners


KEG's Floor Cleaners - utilizing patented fluid mechanics - provide considerably higher efficiency than conventional sewer cleaning nozzles. Due to optimum fluid mechanics, the entire flow from the high pressure hose is converted into maximum cleaning power.
The side walls of the pipe are cleaned with different jet angles, which make KEG's Floor Cleaners ideal for removing sludge, debris, mud, etc.  

Part N° 00100120 also suitable for slot drain cleaning.


Part N° Description
00100119 2 suports for Part N° 00100120 for slot drain cleaning
00100126 Y-connector with 2 HP hoses (325 mm) for simultaneously operating 2 floor cleaners
00100126a Y-connector with 2 HP hoses (500mm) for simultaneously operating 2 floor cleaners
00100184 jet angle adapters
00100127 lead balls

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