162 Pressure & Flow Measuring Device


This measuring and testing device by KEG enables you to determine the pressure and performance values at your cleaning truck. Based on these actual values your cleaning tools can be optimally adjusted – a prerequisite for efficient sewer cleaning.

Part N° 00102001


measuring range (pressure): pressure reading up to 160 bar
measuring range (water flow): flow reading up to 680 l/min
dimensions (w/o splash guard): 310 mm x 420 mm x 945 mm
dimensions (with splash guard): 310 mm x 420 mm x 1200 mm


  • enables comparative measuring of the truck’s performance values at the end of the hose
  • nozzle inserts that cannot be measured (washed out, too big, etc.) can now be measured reliably
  • enables function check of the safety valve
  • shows if the truck can supply maximum performance values
  • measurement shows actual performance at the end of the hose

optimum adjustment of nozzles for efficient sewer cleaning

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