161 OMG High-Performance Nozzle


The OMG Nozzle is made of highly wear resistant, stainless steel. Utilizing the patented fluid mechanics and two different jet angles, it highly efficient, but still gentle to the pipe. Its exta long nozzle body makes it easy to overcome holes and cracks in the pipes. Hence the OMG Nozzle is perfect for cleaning pipes and sewers in poor condition (holes, decayed pipe material etc.) and in preparation of pipe relinings / rehabilitations.


  • patented fluid mechanics
  • exchangeable nozzle inserts
  • with front jet
  • highly wear-resistant, stainless material of nozzle body
  • extra long

with patented fluid mechanics
3-year warranty* if with titanium ceramic inserts

*according to KEG's terms of warranty

Models and sizes available

Part N° Hose Connection Weight Length / Diameter Number of Nozzle Inserts Range of Application
0010 0266 1" 16,2 kg 450 / 108 mm 13 from 250 mm
0010 0267 1 1/4" 16,2 kg 450 / 108 mm 13 from 250 mm

In Action

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