102 Cutter Super Plus 150


The Cutter SUPER PLUS 150 is an efficient tool to handle the most hard obstructions, such as roots, lime, scaling, cement wash, tuberculation, and other types of deposits and blockages using self-sharpening chains. Chains can be adjusted to different pipe diameters. The basic model is suitable for pipe diameters from 150 mm. By means of an extension kit available, the cutter can be adjusted to pipe diameters of up to 800 mm. The optimum cutter for pumps of medium to high performance.

Chain cutters mus be operated with an HP swivel joint.


body: special steel, stainless
cutting tools / chain ends: 4, self-sharpening
bearings: maintenance-free


  • application also in difficult pipes (offsets, pipe rips, protruding taps, etc.)
  • replaceable cross cutter & nozzle inserts
  • solid and reliable construction
  • maintenance-free bearings with 2-year warranty*
  • efficient cleaning by self-sharpening chains
  • highly wear-resistant, stainless steel
  • maintenance-free
  • centered in the pipe by means of guide skids

maintenance-free bearings
with 2-year warranty*
- also available for rent -

*according to KEG's terms of warranty

Models and sizes available

Part N° Hose Connection Weight Water Flow Pressure Range of application - basic Range of Application - extended
0020 0242 1" 12 kg from 120 l/min from 100 bar 150 - 400 mm 600 - 800 mm

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